The future of regional air mobility with the Lilium Jet

At Lilium, we believe in delivering high speed connectivity for everyone, which is why we’re focused on making regional air mobility a reality.

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At Lilium, we believe in delivering high speed connectivity for everyone, which is why we're focused on making regional air mobility a reality.

Urban air mobility - the aim to connect people and places within a single city - is a term which is becoming increasingly recognized today. But with regional air mobility we go one step further, connecting entire regions, whether that means taking a route from the city to the countryside, or traveling between major cities.

Regional air mobility has the power to increase your Radius of Life - the area in which we live our day-to-day life - enabling you to do more and see more by making it easier and faster to travel from place to place.

We're able to focus on delivering regional air mobility, because unlike the majority of our competitors, when we launch in 2025, the Lilium Jet will be able to travel up to 300km in one hour on a single charge - increasing your Radius of Life by a factor of 25.



We believe that regional air mobility will have the strongest impact for our customers, because while urban air mobility reduces the travel time from point A to point B - it doesn’t factor in the time it takes to check-in, take-off and land. This means that for trips within a city, it may end up being quicker to take public transport, drive a car or ride a bike instead of flying in an air taxi. However, with regional distances, we can make a genuine impact in reducing travel times due to the greater range and lack of existing infrastructure, like highways and roads, that connect these places.

Setting up infrastructure to support the Lilium Jet is also a simple and cost-effective process as the only infrastructure required is a landing pad. When compared to today’s available transportation options, the Lilium Jet is not only better for you and your pocket - it’s also kinder to the environment.

Ultimately, regional air mobility is about much more than just short trips across a city. It is about connecting entire regions and creating a network that might not have existed previously to enable you to spend less time on the road and more time with the people that matter.

We envision a world where the Lilium Jet won’t just connect Manhattan to JFK - it will connect NYC to Baltimore, Boston and beyond.