Location announcements

We have announced a network of exclusive vertiports in Florida and have a a proposed network under development in Germany.  


Florida, United States

In partnership with the City of Orlando, Tavistock Development Company and Ferrovial, we have announced plans to build a network of vertiports in strategic locations across Central and South Florida, including Orlando and Tampa. Our network will cover a 186-mile (300 km) radius, so nearly all 20 million Floridians will live within 30 minutes of a vertiport, with the service readily available for the Sunshine State’s 140 million annual visitors as well.


North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

We’re working with Dusseldorf Airport and Cologne/Bonn Airport to connect Europe’s third-largest metropolitan area and Germany’s largest and most densely populated state (18 million inhabitants), including ten cities with over 300,000 inhabitants, as well as more than 40 universities and colleges and four international trade fair locations. Our network plans to connect Aachen, Bielefeld, Münster and Siegen with the region’s largest international airports within 30 minutes.


Near you

We are in discussions with cities across the globe, so we can bring the Lilium service to you. More locations to be announced soon, so watch this space.