Far away has never
been closer
Our vision, of a world where anyone can fly wherever they want, whenever they want, goes beyond simply providing a new mode of transport. In fact, we believe that the technology we are developing can, and must, benefit society as a whole as well as the individual.
In everything we do, we challenge ourselves to ensure we are not just delivering an exceptional experience for our customers but also having a meaningful impact in the communities we serve.
Whether it's reducing our environmental footprint, driving economic growth or connecting communities, we are committed to discovering and building on the opportunities our technology presents and ensuring that we are acting as a force for good.
These are our beliefs.


We believe in making urban air travel affordable and accessible.

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We want to be clear: traveling with Lilium is not just for the wealthy few. We all deserve a better way to get from A to B than today's congested traffic. That's what we have set out to create.
By combining the remarkably efficient Lilium Jet with digital scheduling and smart operations, we will deliver journeys that are four times faster than going by taxi, yet competitive in price.
And, if we want our services to be accessible to all, then we need to provide access to them not just where you might expect them, in dense urban areas, but also where you might not expect them.
Because our jets can take off and land vertically they don't need much ground infrastructure, meaning we'll be able to deliver affordable, high-speed connections wherever they are wanted.
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We believe in giving you opportunity…

Perhaps you want to live in the mountains, but work in the city? Perhaps you have a meeting hundreds of kilometers away, but don't want to miss kissing your children goodnight? Or perhaps you just long to spend a day in a different city for once?

At Lilium, we want to give you the freedom to do what makes you happiest. By traveling up to 300km in just 60 minutes, the Lilium Jet will expand the radius of your life. You can do more, see more, and be more - and still be home by bedtime.

… but we also believe in protecting our beautiful planet.

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More than 20% of all carbon emissions are caused by transportation. We think this needs to change. We have built Lilium on sustainable principles and are firmly committed to becoming 100% CO2 neutral.
The Lilium Jet, with fully electric engines and zero operating emissions is at the core of this vision. It allows us to be sure that every journey taken with us will help to reduce emissions. Given the state of our environment, doing anything less would be irresponsible.



We believe in connecting
the unconnected…

Because the Lilium Jet flies from point to point without the need for additional infrastructure in-between, we'll be able to deliver the sort of connectivity that most communities can only dream of today.
When the alternative is spending prohibitive amounts of money driving roads and railways through green spaces, it's not surprising that governments have often chosen
not to make these connections in the past.
With our low-cost and low-impact operating infrastructure, we'll be able to put these communities back on the map, delivering 360º high-speed connectivity, no matter their size. At the same time we'll be opening them up to economic and social opportunities that have never existed before.


… and in helping to solve the big questions.

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We’re working with cities and governments around the world who share our enthusiasm for this technology and are as excited about exploring its potential benefits as we are.

By connecting urban and suburban areas as well as entire regions to each other, one benefit is clear: we’ll be opening up a world of opportunity when it comes to the economic development, cultural exchange, growth or quality of life of a region.

But we’re excited by the many benefits beyond this. In other words, the ways in which Urban Air Mobility could help tackle some of society’s most pressing challenges. Whether it’s alleviating urban congestion, supporting humanitarian missions or reducing pollution, we’re committed to leading the way on exploring and delivering these opportunities, and making sure Lilium, and the wider Urban Air Mobility community, is truly a force for good.

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The sky was never
our highest goal