Building radically better
ways of moving

The first electric vertical
take-off and landing jet

Zero operating emissions

Vertical take-off

Leading payload and cabin

Low noise

Pursuing dual certification

Introducing high-speed
regional air mobility

Lilium will enable faster travel than existing high-speed alternatives, opening direct connections to create a new, sustainable network.

Map used for illustrative purposes only

Backed by our
partners globally

We are collaborating with established industry leaders and local governments to bring our shared vision of sustainable air travel to life.


A team dedicated to
delivering our vision

We believe mobility needs radical transformation. Our team of 1000+ is made up of engineering experts, global business execs, and aviation leaders.

Markus, Lead Test Pilot (former Solar Impulse Chief Pilot)
The Lilium team inside our production facility, near Munich.
Martina and Andrea from the Product Design team
Chief Operating Officer Yves Yemsi, formerly SVP Procurement & Supply Chain at Airbus

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