It takes a team effort
to build something extraordinary

A career at Lilium is for those who want to do something extraordinary. Every day we are pushing the very boundaries of technology and customer experience to deliver something that has never been done before. At Lilium, you will work with a world-class team of leaders, experts and engineers who are as passionate about changing the world as you are.

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Operations and Digital

Our commercial team are the voice of our customers and consists of world-class professionals in product design, marketing, infrastructure, public affairs, digital technology, airline operations and corporate development.

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Aircraft Engineering

Our engineers constantly explore uncharted territory to deliver world class products in fields as varied as calculation, mechanical systems, propulsion, energy storage, design systems and process excellence.

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Our teams include aircraft assembly, industrial management & production planning, manufacturing engineering, battery & propulsion system assembly, composite production, procurement, logistics and factory management.

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Quality and safety are our highest priority. Our dedicated teams consist of professionals from aircraft maintenance, airline service quality, independent systems monitoring, quality POA and customer experience.

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We know our people are the most important asset of our company. Our group consists of teams in recruiting, learning & development, analytics, compensations and benefits, as well as internal communications.

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Finance / IT / Legal

The expertise in the finance team range from legal, finance, tax, treasury & controlling, ERP, audit, IT and investor relations.

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Program Management

Our Program Management team coordinates the wide variety of projects required to bring the vision of Lilium to life. As a member of our team you’ll be in the driving seat of one or several projects that bring together highly-qualified people from engineering, production, procurement, and testing to deliver a certified aircraft.

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Why join Lilium

Our vision has attracted some of the best talent from across the globe, and, with a team of over 600 colleagues that come from more than 50 different countries and cultures, it’s a diverse and inclusive workforce too. Together, we form a team that is stronger than the sum of its parts and is ready to tackle the big challenges we have ahead of us.

When we ask our team what drives them to work at Lilium they bring up three reasons:

Our Purpose

We believe in a world that is connected and sustainable. We are creating a smarter and more mindful way to travel by developing advanced technology with the power to enable regional air mobility for everyone. The Lilium Jet’s range, speed and emission-free flights will give people back time for the things and people that matter, unlock economic opportunities for communities and help keep our planet safe.

Our Product

We are doing something that has never been done before. Our challenge is defining a bold, new industry with a first-of-a-kind aircraft - all while maintaining the highest safety standards. We are driven by results which is why we celebrate each and every win that brings us a step closer to our vision.

Our People

With over 600 people from over 52 countries, Lilium is a place where people are valued for their intellectual curiosity, intense focus, determination and energy. We are a collaborative team and we empower members by giving them responsibility and trust. Everyone at Lilium is encouraged to have a growth mindset and we equip our team with the tools and training needed to succeed.


Our values

We know that our vision to enable a world where anybody can fly anywhere, anytime is both bold and challenging. But since the very first days of Lilium, we have lived by a clear set of values that have helped us to grow into the business we are today, while staying true to our vision. These values define how we should work together and they will serve as the foundation for achieving our ambitious future goals.

Put the human
at the center

People are our number one priority at Lilium. Not just our own people or our customers, though - everybody. Our aim is to deliver a product that is accessible to everyone, no matter who, or where, you are. It needs to be uncompromisingly safe, universally available and outstandingly good.

Justin, Autonomous Systems, Engineering

The human focus is key to a successful business and its products. Many companies, large and small, forget this basic value.

Florian, Industrial Management, Production

At some point, I want to tell my kids that I was part of the generation that took action to avoid the tipping point and saved this beautiful world.

Create a sustainable planet

We believe that technology is the only solution to achieve human progress while preserving our planet. We constantly strive to ensure we are setting the standard for our industry by researching, and delivering, the latest technologies.

Create a magical
customer experience

Our ultimate goal is for our customers to experience Lilium as something truly amazing, yet simple and seamless. To do this we look at the world through our customers' eyes, ensuring that any decision we make contributes to delivering a perfectly optimised service. We treat our customers like family - with warmth and respect.

Mathis, Product Design, Commercial

Dreams are the most powerful thing you can give somebody. But bringing those dreams to life? That's truly magical.

Prashansa, Recruitment, People

Physics is a simple language we can use to understand the most complex things in the universe. By using this language as our reference point we can harness the power of nature and use it for the benefit of all.

Physics as our
only benchmark

At Lilium, we don't let the status quo hold us back. We push ourselves to challenge the boundaries of what's possible in every field to ensure we are delivering the very best product we can. We often find that the best solution is the most simple, meaning we can deliver greater efficiency, lower cost, or a better service for our customer.

The very best people
in the very best company

We employ extraordinary people who have strong ambitions, invincible determination and high expectations, and who don't stop until they achieve excellence. At the same time, we aim to be humble, honest and open in everything we do. We are a low-ego culture, which means that we let the best idea win, regardless of where it comes from. Lilium employees are friendly, professional, helpful and respectful - both to one another and wherever we go. We don't accept the status quo: exceptional is our standard.

Quique, Airworthiness, Engineering

I absolutely feel that there's a connection in all the minds involved in this superb journey. We come from different areas, countries, backgrounds, studies but yet, we're all riding on the same wave. It's just amazing.


Munich is our home

The Lilium HQ is situated at a small airfield just outside of Munich, right at the heart of Germany’s high-tech manufacturing and aerospace ecosystem. From the office, you have amazing views of the Alps and are close enough to the city for an evening stroll around the historic Marienplatz or the vast Englischer Garten. We have glorious sun in the summer, crisp snow in the winter and the remarkable Bavarian spirit all year round.

International locations

While Munich will always be our home, we have recently opened offices in London and Zurich that will serve as a base for some of our Corporate Development, Software Engineering and Recruitment team members. Both are in city center locations and are brimming with Lilium vibes.



Our team in the UK is hard at work creating the digital passenger and airline platforms that will be used in day to day operations once we launch our service. Post COVID-19 we will be located at a co-working space in the city, brimming with Lilium vibes.  

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300km westwards of our HQ is the beautiful city of Zürich, Lilium’s commercial center. The Zürich team is focusing on international launches and building global partnerships for the Lilium service.  

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Washington DC

We’re growing our team in the US with our HQ in Washington, D.C. The talented team is focused on growing Lilium's footprint and launching our service. Although they are the furthest away from our HQ, they all share the Lilium spirit.  

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Inside our headquarters

Our HQ is designed to make working at Lilium as comfortable as possible. We've got the basics covered with ample parking and free transport links to local stations, but it's also a fun place to work, with shared working spaces, a 'mingle room' complete with sofas and hammocks, and a rooftop terrace where you can watch jets taking off all day long, against the backdrop of the Alps. Finally, we're big believers in the idea that your health is central to your happiness, so we've invested in providing an extensive gym, bikes you can borrow to cycle round our campus, a relaxation room and three free meals a day.


Be part of the company

It’s not just our founders who are entrepreneurs. We treat each and every employee as an entrepreneur, empowering them to make decisions and challenge the status quo. In return, we offer each employee share options in our business, a training allowance to help them develop and a working environment that helps to foster their entrepreneurial skills.

How we hire

The recruitment process will vary depending on the division you apply to. However, successful applicants will go through a process which includes a discovery call, video interview, and a personal on-site interview. Depending on the role, you may also need to complete an assessment round.

Privacy in recruiting

This Careers Privacy Policy is set in line with our company’s policy on the protection of information relating to job applicants and their individual applications. Protecting the confidentiality and integrity of personal data is a critical responsibility that we take seriously at all times. We will ensure that personal data is always processed in accordance with the provisions of relevant data protection legislation.

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Note to Recruitment Agencies

Lilium does not accept speculative CVs. Any unsolicited CVs received will be treated as the property of Lilium and Terms & Conditions associated with the use of such CVs will be considered null and void. Certain vacancies are not open to any agencies, regardless of their status. Lilium has a preferred agency supplier list in place and reviews suppliers on a quarterly basis.