All-electric regional air mobility

Connecting cities and regions, emissions-free

The all-electric Lilium Jet takes off and lands vertically, enabling it to deliver connections from city center to city center with direct flights of up to one hour. With no infrastructure required between take-off and landing, connections can be established across any geography, at less than 1% of the cost of a similar high-speed rail link. Shuttle flights between high-demand locations will keep aircraft load factors high.

Engineered for Regional Air Mobility

The Lilium Jet balances high levels of efficiency with a noise footprint that is low enough to allow inner city operations. Distributed vectored thrust, delivered by 36 electric engines positioned across the airframe, allows for precision control of the aircraft during the most aerodynamically challenging phase of flight, when it transitions from hover flight to forward, wing-borne flight.

Vertical take-off
and landing

4 passengers
and a pilot

300 km/h top speed
60 min flying time

electric ducted fans

The Lilium Jet’s 36 all-electric engines are integrated into the wings to reduce drag and optimize efficiency, while their ducted design provides a noise shielding advantage over open rotors. The aircraft is being engineered to the requirements of EASA’s SC-VTOL regulations (2019) and their Associated Means of Compliance (2020). The Lilium Jet is being certified by EASA in Europe and the FAA in the United States.

Lilium Jets in manufacturing facility
Manufacturing the Lilium Jet technology demonstrator
Lilium Jet flap installation

Our five-seater technology demonstrator aircraft

Digital platform

We are developing a digital ecosystem that will connect customer bookings and operations, ensuring aircraft are kept highly utilized and are deployed to match customer demand. We will integrate operational partners through our digital platform to provide a seamless service.

Lilium Application
- Passenger Ticketing
& Identification
Ticketing & Identification
- Flight
Flight Operations
- Air Traffic
Traffic Control
- Aircraft
- Aircraft
& Capacity
Scheduling & Capacity

"We aim to connect city centers across whole regions with affordable and green high-speed transport at a fraction of the cost of traditional ground infrastructure."

Daniel Wiegand, co-founder & CEO